How To DEFEAT Your Child’s DYSLEXIA: Your Guide to Overcoming Dyslexia Including Tools You Can Use for Learning Empowerment

Sandra K. Cook

Are you trying to help your child overcome his reading difficulties but nothing seems to work?

Is your school giving you the run-around about dyslexia, dragging their feet when you ask for reading help for your child, or playing psychological games in your IEP meetings?

Have your school personnel told you they don’t recognize dyslexia or told you to lower your expectations for your child?

Are you confused about which solution(s) your child needs?

Does he need colored overlays?
Special Glasses?
Vision Therapy?
Does he need a phonics program?
Can your school really help your child?
What can you do at home to help your child?

Understanding the dyslexia-based marketplace is the most important key for starting to help your child. Learning this one key is worth a minute of your time right now ~ Click on “Look Inside” this book now to learn THE most important key to sorting out the solutions for dyslexia today.

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