Our Books

Dyslexia Think Tank founder, Rose Kuntz, has written two books on the subject of dyslexia. Your donation of the purchase price of these books will fund reading programs for underpriveleged students with alternative reading systems.

Mommy, Why Is It So Hard To Read?

“Mommy, Why Is It So Hard For Me To Read?” by Rose Kuntz.

Written by Dyslexia Think Tank founder, Rose Kuntz, for children, parents and educators. This book opens up the utterly amazing world of dyslexia by highlighting the learning challenges and triumphs of some of history’s most exceptional people – each one dyslexic.

Dyslexia Think Tank book My Favorite Color is Definitely Red
“My Favorite Color is Definitely RED!” by Rose Kuntz.

Rose is dedicated to the premise that all children and adults should be given appropriate reading training. This includes non-traditional students as well as those with physical handicaps. Reading can be done with the eyes, ears or fingers. Reading is fundamental to success in our current society and should be prioritized and valued. Reading should be fun and enjoyable as well as informative.

Photography for “My Favorite Color is Definitely Red!” is by Rose’s talented son, Chris and his gifted wife, Holly, who married after meeting in photography school.


Each book is a $12 donation. If you are interested in both books, you can make a donation of $20 and receive them both.