Kids With Dyslexia To Get More Educational Support

In October, 2015, the state of California has implemented a new state law that will help educators and parents alike to not only identify, but also provide services for students who have dyslexia. Tobie Meyer of Decoding Dyslexia California led the effort to pass this law.

The key element of the new law is that when a school is evaluating a child for special education, they need to consider phonological processing in diagnosing their needs. This is of import since there is a wide consensus that dyslexia is connected with reduced phonological processing.

In addition to the new California state law, there is a new US Senate Resolution that will call upon Congress, schools, and State and local educational agencies to recognize the educational implications of dyslexia, as well as designating October 2015 as “National Dyslexia Awareness Month”.

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