Dyslexics Rock!

That dyslexic child you help could be the next president or prime minister of your country or the next Albert Einstein or the next Edison or Mozart or Picasso or Edgar Allen Poe or whomever.

These students are not defective but extremely effective. They are not lacking in ability but overflowing. They are not disabled but incredibly “abled” and talented. They merely process language differently and thank heavens that they do because they bring so much joy and talent to the universe. Through their incredible right brains, they are wired into the creative universe. That universe speaks directly to them and inspires them to share their brilliance with all of us. Dyslexics are incredible human beings. Our culture has had us put so much emphasis on learning existing knowledge and regurgitating that information back.  We no longer need that as we have computers.  What we need now are critical thinkers who create new information, new designs, new inventions and new strategies. Dyslexics are the ones that can do that. Dyslexics are smart way beyond what our schools consider smart. Who is smarter, the computer or the computer programmer? I will go with the programmer. In a visual world, dyslexics rock!

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