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“Inside Dyslexia”

Two filmmakers who have dyslexia created this 2005 documentary. It’s one of the first intimate looks at the lives of young people with reading issues. The film follows three young students. We find out how their parents discovered the kids’ reading and writing issues. We see the students at school and at home. And the kids talk honestly about what it’s like to live with their issues while dreaming about their futures.

(This film also touches on other learning and attention issues. Dysgraphia and dyscalculia are among them.)

“Dislecksia: The Movie”

Kids may enjoy this documentary’s lighter approach to reading issues. Sometimes it’s funny or silly. But it still says a lot about dyslexia. Filmmaker Harvey Hubbell V doesn’t see the issue as a learning disability. He sees it as a learning difference. Hubbell shares what growing up with dyslexia was like for him. And he shows advocates, scientists and students working to make things better. He also films famous people with dyslexia. You’ll hear from actor Billy Bob Thornton and real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran, among others.

“Like Stars on Earth”

In this Indian film (dubbed in English), a 8-year-old Ishaan can’t stop daydreaming in class. His teachers think he’s lazy and his parents get tired of him getting into trouble. They send him to boarding school, where the art teacher notices more than just Ishaan’s active imagination. That’s how Ishaan finds out he has dyslexia. With tutoring and class accommodations, he starts to do much better. Finally he can feel confident about his academic and art skills. The hopeful message makes this fun film great to watch as a family.

Journey into Dyslexia – HBO Documentary

“Society would be much poorer without people who think differently,” says Alan Raymond. Along with his wife Susan, Raymond is one of the filmmakers behind this HBO documentary. In the film, the Raymonds talk to many well-known adults with reading issues. They interview advocate Erin Brockovich, Intel Reader inventor Ben Foss and Nobel laureate Dr. Carol Greider, among others. They talk about their reading and writing issues. And they share how they’ve learned to succeed with them. If you want your child to be excited about what he can do with his life, don’t miss this movie.

The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia – Documentary

This documentary is both lively and inspiring. In it, parents and kids share what it’s like to live with dyslexia. Successful adults like politician Gavin Newsom and business leader Charles Schwab talk about growing up with reading issues. And they all offer words of hope for other parent and kids. Their message? Dyslexia doesn’t hold back anyone’s imagination or creativity. Anything a kid dreams up is possible for him!